Paul Connolly Actor + Improviser

Freelance Scottish
Actor + Improviser

Paul Connolly – best known for his roles in the improv comedy groups TBC Improv (Absolute Improv!, Absolute Improv Stories!, The TBC Improv Theatre Show) and The Spontaneous Players (Spontaneous Sherlock, Spontaneous Potter, Spontaneous Potter Kidz) – is a Scottish actor and improviser based in Edinburgh. He has performed, taught and coached throughout his native Scotland, as well as around the UK, the USA and Europe. He is also the creator behind several comedy characters including Gordon Waggett – Advice Guru and The Director.

In addition to performance, Paul is also a writer, director, producer, artist, graphic designer, and lover of retro computing.

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Paul Connolly expertly holds a lot of the scenes together, at one point demonstrating WWE wrestler strength

– Andrew Marsh, Wakefield Express


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my goal is to entertain as many people as possible before the end

– Paul Connolly