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Paul Connolly is an Scottish actor and improviser. He is best known for his roles in the improv comedy groups TBC Improv (Absolute Improv!, Absolute Improv Stories!, The TBC Improv Theatre Show) and The Spontaneous Players (Spontaneous Sherlock, Spontaneous Potter, Spontaneous Potter Kidz). In addition to performing, Paul is also an improv teacher/coach, writer, director, artist and graphic designer.

For more detail, allow Paul to tell you himself:

Visonary… Genius… Voice of a Generation… These are just a few of the terms I've never been described as. Funny… Entertaining… Faintly Amusing… Now these are terms that have been used to describe my performances! However people may remember me, my main goal in life is to entertain as many people as possible before the end. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's focus on the background first.

In the city of Edinburgh, Scotland is where I was born and raised (the latter I can confirm, the former I cannot remember exactly and so rely upon the recollections of others). I grew up (a feat that many others have achieved and not unique to myself) loving comedy in many different forms: from Morecambe & Wise and The Two Ronnies to Red Dwarf and Whose Line is it Anyway. Performers such as Billy Connolly and Robin Williams were my idols. I was also very passionate about films and TV shows that explored themes science-fiction and the human experience (Star Trek and Twilight Zone especially). I always dreamed about performing and telling stories covering a range of themes to audiences around the world. So naturally I studied Computer Science at university… some time after graduating I came to realise that a science degree did not lead as naturally into comedy and acting as I had thought…

Okay, so now you're thinking "Paul, how do you go from being a computer science graduate to a world-renowned improviser and actor?" (or at least something to that effect). Well, feeling a little unfulfilled with my job as a researcher, I took the advice of one of my flatmates (or "roommates" for my American cousins, both literal and metaphorical) to perform in as part of the Beltane Society's Samhuinn 2009. One of the groups were "The Jesters" who provided comic-relief for the performance and I fell in love with the group, the show and performing in general. Although the name I choose of "Lordy Lordy" for my character was perhaps not the most inspired, I nonetheless realised that I enjoyed immensely entertaining people and this was where my future lay.

Spurred on by the joy of that experience, I decided to finally follow-up on my childhood love of improv by going along along to the University of Edinburgh's improv group's workshops (which, if I'm honest, I knew about for the previous 5 years and never found time for). At the third class I met Lauren Berning who was setting up a new improv group with Fernando Fresquez called To Be Continued… (later TBC Improv). I then began taking classes/guest performing with them and eventually became a member in 2010.

All this inspired me to take the biggest leap that my bank-balance has never forgiven me for: I quit my researcher job (and the world of IT) to pursue acting full time. I managed to get into Edinburgh Telford College "Acting and Theatre Performance" and obtained an NC, HNC and HND while there.

Hmmm, this bio is already pretty long and I should really think about wrapping it up soon… Perhaps I shouldn't be adding to it by including thoughts I'm having about the length while typing… Hey, HTML5 has a tag for a heart shape ♥ cool! No, Paul focus!

Since graduating I've had the immense pleasure of performing on stage, TV and film doing comedy (improv and scripted), as well as working with wonderful people. I've also been fortunate to perform all over Scotland and the UK, into Europe, and even in North America (I'm looking at you New York!). Whether it has been performing improv with TBC Improv or The Spontaneous Players (where I get to pretend to be either a detective or a wizard depending on the show!), dramatic plays or sketch comedy, it is always a huge honour, joy and privilege to do the thing I love and to entertain people in the process. Thank you to everyone who has given me the opportunities, thank you to everyone who will give me opportunities in the future, and thank you to the thousands of people over the years who have allowed me to entertain them.

This story continues, and I plan to continue to entertain as many people as possible before the end. To end on a positive note, I'd really love to have a smiley face, I wonder if HTML5 has one… ☺ success!

- Paul Connolly

Full stage, film, TV and improv credits can be found on the Credits Page. For all enquiries about hiring Paul for your production or to organise a teaching/coaching session, be sure to get in touch via the Contact Page.


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Other Skills

Workshop Organisation & Teaching Poster & Flyer Design Devising Puppeteer Experience Driving Licence (Full, Clean) Fencing Drawing Computer Programming Web Design & Development Swimming 3D Computer Modelling & Animation Video Editing Graphic Design