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Short-Films / Trailers


Short Film (Contains strong language)

Waiting for Newman

Trailer for the short-film

Improv Comedy

Absolute Improv!

TBC Improv performance of Absolute Improv! (The Tron, Edinburgh - March 2014)

Glasgow Harold Night

TBC Improv performance at Glasgow Harold Night (7th February 2017)


Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

Monologue by The Surgeon from Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht

The Glass Menagerie

Monologue by Tom from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Merchant of Venice

Monologue by Shylock from Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare


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Fri 18 Oct 2019

Sometimes I just like to make new bits of artwork...
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Tue 08 Oct 2019

Looking back at my calendar to the event I put in for my first ever improv comedy show ...
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Wed 11 Sep 2019

Am I the only one who thinks this whenever I see coming soon signs for places like “5 ...
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Mon 09 Sep 2019

So, if @spontaneous_players were to start offering merchandise, how many of these pillows ...
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Sat 07 Sep 2019

Back in New York and what’s the first thing I do?... get a @doughdoughnuts donut of ...
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Wed 04 Sep 2019

When not performing onstage with @spontaneous_players, I can often be found dressed as a ...
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Wed 28 Aug 2019

So, #edfringe2019 is over (10th I have performed at) and I’m slowly taking it all in. ...
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Sat 24 Aug 2019

Today marks my final “Absolute Improv!” show with @tbcimprov. I’ve been part of the ...
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Sat 10 Aug 2019

Ecstatic! @spontaneous_players first 5-star review for #spontaneouspotter from Broadway ...
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Thu 08 Aug 2019

Why spend £1 for a lanyard for my venue passes when I have perfectly good iPod ...
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Sun 04 Aug 2019

Having lots of fun at #AbsoluteImprov and #SpontaneousPotter with @tbcimprov and ...
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Fri 02 Aug 2019

The perks of performing with different companies at different venues for #edfringe2019 - ...
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