Acting Showreel

A selection of clips from various theatre and film projects

Spontaneous Potter Highlights

A selection of clips filmed during performances of the Spontaneous Players show "Spontaneous Potter"


Drama - Sci-Fi Action (Voice Over/Action Shots) (20 sec)

Example of Sci-Fi action drama voice over/action shots work from "Waiting For Newman"

Comedy - Daydream Cutaways (60 sec)

Example of daydream cutaway shots during a job interview from the comedy "NPC"

Comedy - Fool Justifying Their Actions (47 sec)

Comedic example of a foolish character trying to justify the behaviour that led to their firing in "NPC"

Dancing Connolly (18 sec)

An example of improvised dancing from the film "Dangerous Cripple"

Drama - Frustration and Desperation Phone Calls (59 sec)

Character needing money and becoming more desperate/frustrated in "Retribution"

Rallying the Troops For Battle (27 sec)

Seamus Finnigan delivering a rallying speech for a call to action to defeat invading dragons in "Spontaneous Potter"

Drama - Sad and Silent Contemplation (as a Clown) (27 sec)

The opening shot from "Costume Party" where the lead character sits in silence waiting for his friend, melancholy reflecting on his life.

Comedy - Sinister Manipulator Character (71 sec)

Playing Lord Voldemort as a sinister manipulator in the improvised comedy "Spontaneous Potter"

Drama - Sinister Threatening Character (46 sec)

Scene from "Retribution" where my character has kidnapped and is threatening the person he believes has wrong him.

Physical Comedy (Battling A Hoover) (51 sec)

Alternative take from the comedy "The Director - Work At Home" in which the titular character battles against a hoover.

Drama - Receiving Unexpected Shocking News (40 sec)

Scene from "Dangerous Cripple" when the Mechanic receives some grave news.



Monologue by Stuart from Realism by Anthony Neilson

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

Monologue by The Surgeon from Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht

The Glass Menagerie

Monologue by Tom from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Merchant of Venice

Monologue by Shylock from Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

The Devil You Know

Monologue by The Devil from "The Devil You Know"


Voice Reel

Voice Reel featuring various characters/styles